Yes, thats all it takes to make money in the stock market! It takes just few minutes to open a trading account, and tap of few buttons to buy and sell. But, the real question is When? That the tough part!

Welcome to stock-trading.in, our goal is to make stock market trading/investing accessible to each and everyone through simple and easy to follow, step by step tutorials.

Most important things to remember Before we get started,

  • First, learn and then start with the very small amount to start (Trust me, you will loose it all at first, but it’s better to loose less).
  • Never borrow money to trade/invest, that’s a very bad idea. We suggest you to start with as less as 100Rs(Yes, you can start trading with 10Rs also).
  • It takes time to be profitable, it takes hard work and patience. It’s better to start early, fail fast and learn from the mistakes.
  • Learning just to place buy/sell order is different than learning how to be profitable in trading/investing, first one takes just 10 minutes, but later takes life time.
  • Being successful in trading/investing takes discipling, sticking to your rules/plan. Learning is easy but practicing them/following them is the difficult part.
  • Trading/Investing is not a get rich quickly thing. Don’t believe in that.